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So you’re looking for some protection from the sun? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to explain a little bit about our products and how the ordering process works. I’ll do my best to explain everything you need to know to order solar screens online, but if you still have questions after reading this article, please visit The Learning Center on our website. There’s a good chance your question will be answered there.

First off, please understand that we are an online company – we do not have a retail walk-in location. We do not do any measuring or installation for our customers – our products are sold through our website for the customer to install themselves.

Solar Screen Products

Here at Solar Screen Outlet, we have several products: from solar screens, to roll down solar shades, to bulk solar screen fabric, and all the accessories you need to build your own solar screens – but in this article, I’m going to highlight our 3 most popular products, explain what they are, and how to order them.

Those 3 products are Custom Solar Screens, Custom Solar Screen Kits, and Roll Up Solar Shades.

First, let’s talk about Custom Solar Screens and Custom Solar Screen Kits – what they are and how they’re different.

Solar Screen Kits

80% Black/Tan/Dual Lock

80% Black/Tan/Dual Lock

When we first launched this website, all we offered was Custom Solar Screen Kits. This is where you give us the size screen you need, we cut the frames and fabric down to size, and ship you the custom cut pieces un-assembled. Then, you assemble the screens and install them on your home or building.

We still have that product and it is still our most popular product. The reason we do kits un-assembled is to save on shipping costs. Shipping custom solar screen kits is fairly economical – most orders can squeeze into a 4″x4″x72″ (or shorter) box and it’s not terribly expensive to ship.

For this reason, we offer free shipping on solar screen kits with orders over $129. In fact, we offer free shipping on all products except fully assembled solar screens, on orders that total $129 or more.

This is a great way to get professional-looking, custom solar screens on your home or building. But you do have to assemble the screens on your own. We have an excellent video, as well as printable instructions on our How to Measure & Install page (look in The Learning Center) to make assembly as easy as possible.

Most screen kits can be assembled and installed in about 20 minutes. The first screen may take you a bit longer, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not terribly difficult. Smaller screens are easier to assemble than larger screens. But be sure to watch our assembly video as we give you some very handy tips and tricks that will make assembly much easier.

Custom Solar Screens

order solar screens online

80% Desert Sand/Tan/Dual Lock

The other main product we have is fully assembled custom solar screens. These are fully assembled and ready to install on your home or building. Because of shipping constraints, fully assembled solar screens are only available for local delivery in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and Las Vegas, NV.

The custom solar screens and solar screen kits are essentially the exact same product once they’re assembled. The only difference is the fully assembled screens have miter cut corners, whereas the kits have straight cut corners and 90 degree corner pieces to make assembly easier for the customer.

Other than that, it’s the exact same screen and frame material.

Measuring Properly

Be sure to check out our How to Measure and Install page before ordering. At the top of that page, we show you the 4 main mounting methods and how to determine which will work best for your windows. Then, scroll down on that page and click on the How to Measure and Install Using… heading to open up that section. Then watch the video and/or review the instructions below the video so you know how to measure properly. Keep in mind that the sizes you enter in the website will be the exact size screens you receive.

Roll Up Solar Shades

roll up solar shade exterior

Roll Up Solar Shades, sometimes referred to as Roll Down Solar Shades, are manually retractable shades made from solar screen fabric. You can get 80%, 90% or 95% solar screen fabric (Phifer Suntex).

These shades can be mounted indoors or outdoors to provide temporary sun relief to any window, patio, pergola or more. The most popular use for Roll Up Solar Shades is to mount them on a patio to protect your patio from the intense afternoon or morning sun.

Do not leave the shades permanently rolled down because high winds or inclement weather can damage the clutch mechanism that makes the shades roll up and down.

We have measuring and installation instructions on the ordering page for the shades.


All our pricing is on our website. Just visit the Shop Our Products section, click on the product category (such as Solar Screen KITS, Custom Solar Screens, etc), then click on the product you are interested in (80% or 90% etc). Read through the description, then SCROLL DOWN until you see a form where you can enter in your sizes, color options and mounting hardware. The price below the form will auto update based on the selections you make.

You can then add that product to your cart and checkout from there.

Solar Screen Samples

solar screen fabric samplesWe offer 2 types of solar screen samples on our website:

  1. Fabric-Only Samples – this free sample kit contains small fabric samples of all the colors we offer. You’ll get all the colors in 80%, and one color in 90% so you can see the difference between the openness of the 2 types of solar screen material (80 vs 90). All colors are available in all our products in both 80% and 90%.
  2. Sample Kit with Frames, Fabric and Hardware – This $5 sample kit contains all the fabric samples I’ve described above, plus 1 of each color of frame pieces (about 4” in length) and 1 each of the various mounting options we have available: leaf spring, 3M Dual Lock, brick clips, casement clip and screw.

Both sample kits can be shipped free if you choose that option during checkout.

Questions About Solar Screens

If you have any questions about our products or process, please visit the Learning Center section of our website first – you’ll probably find a quick answer to your question there.

If not, feel free to email us through the email form on our Contact page, or call us at 469-333-0215. Our business hours are 8:30am-5:00pm (Central time) M-F.

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