radiant barrier for atticSolarScreenOutlet.com has added a new product to its online store - radiant barrier. There are currently two types of radiant barrier to choose from: Super R Diamond radiant barrier for your attic and TempShield Single Bubble/Double Foil reflective insulation.

Super R Diamond Radiant Barrier

Our Super R Diamond radiant barrier is perfect for attic installations where radiant barrier is needed. You can apply this to the underside of your rafters or lay it directly on top of the installation on the floor of the attic.

Radiant barrier in the attic works 24/7 to reflect heat from the sun back up and out of your attic and out of your home. This dramatically helps keep your home cooler in the summer months and helps you save on energy costs.

In the winter months, radiant barrier reflects the heat created by your HVAC system back down into your home. Since heat rises, it wants to constantly rise up and out of your home through your attic. Installing the radiant barrier up in your attic will help keep the heat where it belongs in winter - inside your home.

TempShield Single Bubble/Double Foil Reflective Insulation

This reflective insulation product is perfect for new construction or remodels. Adding reflective insulation to your walls and/or celing works to help reflect heat back to the outside in the summer months and helps keep the heat indoors in the winter months. All this adds up to big energy savings for your family.

Other Radiant Barrier Products

Not only do we carry attic radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation, we also carry water heater jackets and attic stair covers. Both of these products utilize the reflective foil insulation to keep heat where it belongs. Our water heater jackets fit 50 gallon water heaters and install in seconds. The jacket surrounds your water heater, keeping the water hotter longer, causing your water heater to work less.

The attic stair cover securely fits over your attic stair space to remove drafts coming from the attic.