Did you know you can get Solar Screen Fabric without the frames? Here’s 5 ways you can use it that you may not have thought about:

  1. In Your Car
    Solar screen fabric can be easily cut to size so it perfectly fits the window in your mini-van or truck, keeping yourself and your kids cool during your commute. Use suction cups to attach it so it can be easily removed when not needed.
  2. On Your Patio
    Get a huge sheet of solar screen fabric to hang on your patio, keeping the hot afternoon sun off of you and the back of your house. You’ll stay cooler and your energy company will thank you! Call 469-333-0215 to order custom if you can’t find what you need on our website.
  3. solar screen fabricAt the Beach
    Order a sheet of bulk solar screen fabric to hang from your Easy Up Shade next time you’re at the beach. This “solar screen wall” will block most of the heat and glare that would otherwise ruin a perfect day. Bonus use – it will block the view of that awkward-speedo-guy with a staring problem. 😉
  4. For Your Skylight
    A skylight can be a portal of extra heat and light that can not only make your house hotter, but the UV rays from the sun shining through the skylight can damage flooring, furniture and more. Use solar screen fabric and 3M Dual Lock or suction cups to nip that in the bud!
  5. On Your Pergola
    Cover the top of your pergola with solar screen fabric so you can enjoy the outdoors no matter how hot it gets. Lay it across the top of the beams and use a staple gun to hold it in place.

As you can see, solar screens aren’t *just* useful for blocking heat from coming through your windows. They have dozens more uses. For more information about how solar screens can help you stay cool this summer, call 469-333-0215 or visit our website at https://solarscreenoutlet.com.

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