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Custom DIY Solar Screen Kits & Solar Screen Fabric for Homes and Businesses

Solar Screens for RVs

rv solar screensLast summer, my family and I went on an 8-week long RV trip across the United States. We had an absolute blast and created memories we will cherish forever. Although our Class C RV had tinted windows, it still got very hot inside the RV, especially during the day. It seemed like we had our air conditioner running constantly.

Little did I know at the time that I could keep the RV a lot cooler during those warm summer months if I had a custom size solar screen for the large windows in both the main area and the back bedroom. Our RV had 2 large windows in the main dining and seating area and 3 large windows in the back bedroom.

RV & Camper Solar Screens

It turns out, you can order custom size solar screens with suction cups from All you do is measure your windows from inside the RV, then go online and input your measurements. They professionally cut your RV solar screens to your exact measurements and will even ship them for free if you spend $129 or more.

They include suction cups so you can easily attach them to your RV windows, and they even fit underneath your window shades in most cases. You can still see through the RV solar screens to enjoy the beautiful outdoor views. You get to keep the view, but get rid of the glare and heat from the sun. It's a win-win.

If you want to order your own solar screens for your RV or camper, just head over to and choose either 80% or 90%. The 80% offer excellent heat and glare blocking, with excellent visibility. The 90% block even more heat and glare, but with a slight reduction in visibility. Both do a great job, but the 80% solar screens are slightly cheaper.

Additional Bonus

Another nice thing about having solar screens in your RV, is they offer daytime privacy. So whether you are parked at a campground or driving down the road, outsiders cannot peek into your RV during the daytime - a great benefit!


  1. Bonnie Dohner on February 25, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    I have a class A motorhome Seabreeze 2004. I want to find an exterior screen to put up so we have privacy during the day and relief from the sun. I DO NOT want a silver screen that you can not look out to see the mountains as we live in North Carolina for a few months. Do you offer something that can be simply placed on the front driver and passenger side as we never travel any longer ?


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