Custom Solar Screens for Windows (90% Fabric)

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Our fully assembled custom size solar screens for windows are just what you need to add solar screens to your home or building. All you have to do is measure your windows and we take care of making the finished solar screens to your exact specifications.

We’ll carefully pack and ship your screens directly to your door. Follow the easy instructions to quickly and easily install your solar screens. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add custom size solar screens to your home or building.

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Key Solar Screen Features

  • Made in the USAFully Assembled
  • Lower the temperature in West-facing and South-facing rooms in your home
  • Superior heat blocking
  • Allows natural light to come through
  • Pet and mold resistant
  • Super strong and tough
  • Daytime privacy
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Prolong the life of carpet, drapes and furniture

Each Custom Solar Screen Includes

  • Top Quality 90% (10% Openness) Solar Screen Fabric (choice of color)
  • 5/16″ (depth) x 1″ (wide) .024 Gauge Aluminum Frame (choice of color)
  • Mounting Hardware (choice of several options)
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions on our website w/ photos and video
  • Optional Upgrade: Vertical or Horizontal Crossbar


  • Crossbar: A crossbar (or center bar) is simply another frame piece that goes either vertically or horizontally through the solar screen frame to help add rigidity (and an aesthetic touch). A crossbar is recommended (but not required) for larger screens with both dimensions over 48″ or if one dimension is over 60″.
  • Number of mounting pieces/hardware:
    • Leaf Springs – only 2 per screen, regardless of size
    • Casement Clips w/ Screws – 4 qty for any screen under 36″ x 48″; 6 qty for screen sizes up to 72″ x 72″; 8 qty for screen sizes over 72″ x 72″
    • Brick Clips – 4 qty for screen sizes up to 72″ x 72″; 6 qty for screen sizes over 72″ x 72″
    • 3M Dual Lock – Get enough to put 2 in each corner and then space every 12″-18″ around the perimeter of the screen.
    • Screws Only – 4 qty for screens under 48″ x 48″; 6 qty for screens up to 72″ x 72″; 8 qty for screens over 72″ x 72″

Need Help? Visit our Learning Center
How to Measure/Install | Screen/Frame Color Options | Hardware Mounting Options | Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: The sizes you enter below will be the exact size of the finished screen you receive. If you haven’t yet done so, please view our How to Measure/Install page to make sure you are measuring correctly. Custom screen orders cannot be returned/refunded.


NOTICE: This product is a fully assembled solar screen and is only available in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX or Las Vegas, NV - it cannot be shipped anywhere else. If you need solar screens shipped to you anywhere else in the USA, please purchase Custom Solar Screen Kits. They require assembly but are custom cut and ship free with $129+ purchase.

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Fully Assembled! Customize your custom solar screens here. Includes everything you need to install a custom size solar screen on your home or building. Our 90% custom solar screens for windows provide excellent heat blockage, great visibility and superior daytime privacy. Choose your screen and frame color and hardware mounting options. Full instructions provided.