Roll Up Solar Shade (80%/90%)

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Roll Up Solar Shades are made from premium Phifer Suntex solar screen fabric. They provide excellent sun protection indoors or outdoors. These shades come fully assembled and install in just 5 minutes. They are manually raised and lowered with a stainless steel control chain.

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Key Features:

  • Manually Raise and Lower Shade
  • Interior Bottom Bar (wrapped inside the fabric)
  • Stainless Steel Chain
  • Chain Keeper Included (for tying down the control cord/chain)
  • Fully Assembled
  • Easy, 5-Minute Install

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Sun Protection
  • Daytime Privacy
  • Fully Assembled

To install, simply mount the left and right brackets to your window casement using the screws included. Insert the clutch end first into the clutch bracket. Then, insert the other end so the lug goes into the V-shape on the end plug bracket. Then, rotate the retainer arm over the top of the lug. If purchased, snap on the valance, top end first, then the bottom end.


Roll Up Solar Shade Install Diagram
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Roll Up Solar Shade Options

Fabric Type

  • 80% – provides great sun protection but enhanced visibility. You’ll be able to clearly see out in the daytime.
  • 90% – provides better sun protection than the 80% due to the tighter weave of the material, but you’ll still be able to see out in the daytime. Visibility is slightly less than the 80%.

Fabric Color

Roll Up Solar Shade Colors
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Clutch/Bracket Color

  • Choose the color of the clutch and brackets.
  • Choose from White, Black or Natural (a cream color).

Chain Location

  • The stainless steel chain will hang down on the left or right side from the top of the shade. Choose the side on which you want it to be attached.

Roll Type

  • Standard Roll is from behind.
  • Reverse Roll is over the top.

shade roll type

Fabric-Covered Valance

  • A 3″ decorative valance can be added on to your shade. The valance is made of metal and covered in the same fabric as the shade. Pricing is based on the width of the shade you order. (see photos above). VALANCE IS ONLY AVAILABLE WITH A STANDARD ROLL TYPE.

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Standard Reverse

Select the appropriate size valance based on the width you entered above.

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Roll Up Solar Shades provide critical sun protection indoors or outdoors. They are made with either 80% or 90% Phifer Suntex Solar Screen fabric with several color choices each. Each shade arrives fully assembled and installation takes only 5 minutes.