80% Solar Screen Fabric – Custom Size

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Phifer Suntex Solar Screen Fabric with 80% sun blockage is great for interior or exterior installations. The 80% blockage factor provides excellent comfort and heat blockage while still maintaining a high level of visibility and daytime privacy.

Made in the USA

We think this solar screen fabric, without the frame, is best mounted indoors (or inside your car, truck or RV). We have 2 mounting options:

  1. 3M Dual Lock – which is basically like heavy duty velcro and it is clear in color so it will match any screen color
  2. Suction cups – these can be easily attached to your screen after you receive your order. Suction cups are great for attaching to smooth surfaces like glass or metal window frames.

Many customers purchase a large sheet of solar screen fabric for their back patio or porch. You can choose to get no mounting hardware and mount the screen yourself as you see fit. It’s a great way to get custom-sized solar screens at an unbeatable price!


  • 3M Dual Lock – Get enough to put 2 in each corner and then space every 12″ approximately around the perimeter of the screen.
  • Suction Cups – Get enough to put 1 in each corner and then space every 24″ approximately around the perimeter of the screen.

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Choose your exact size, color and mounting options. 80% Phifer Suntex solar screen fabric material without a frame (frameless) is perfect for attaching to the inside of a window in your home or RV. Cover a skylight or all the windows in your home, RV or commercial building. Screens are protected from the weather but still effective at reducing heat and glare inside the home.