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Solar Screen Outlet Reviews

5 star review Solar screen

Michelle L.Verified Buyer

It actually helps the house to be cooler! It was easy to install and looks nice outside our windows. Looking forward to order more for the rest of our windows for next summer. Thank you and great customer service too!

5 star review Solar screen installation

Charmaine G.Verified Buyer

I bought our solar screens for the french doors in our home & everything arrived quickly. It was simple enough to put together & really helps keep the sun & heat out of the house. Pricing for everything was very good. It also keeps the birds from killing themselves because the glass reflected back the trees & sky. Now, no bird strikes ever! Very pleased.

5 star review Easy to assemble and install

Janet C.Verified Reviewer

Watch the (great) videos to decide which installation methods are best for your home, and how to measure. Have someone double-check your dimensions and order. I did buy the samples set and it made choosing colors easy. Shipping was fast. Watch assembly and installation videos and you’ll have professional screens at a fantastic price! Seriously!

5 star review Excellent Service

Renae C.Verified Reviewer

I would definitely use this company again if the need should arise. Quality materials and excellent customer service.

5 star review I love these screens

John A.Verified Reviewer

Very good value and very effective. Glad that kits are available! I've installed 80% and 90% solar screens on my home. Huge improvement!!!! Love these!!!

5 star review 90% Solar screening

Vanda K.Verified Buyer

I received the screening 2 days prior to the original delivery date. The screening was exactly as decribed and does a great job blocking the afternoon sun on my porch.

5 star review The kit was easy to

Steven F.Verified Buyer

The kit was easy to assemble and install. The only tools I needed were a hammer and the screen installation roller. I plan on purchasing more soon for other windows on my home!

5 star review Love these screens

David R.Verified Buyer

Easy assembly and install. Made a huge difference in how hot the house gets.

5 star review 90% Solar Screen Fabric - Custom Size

Margot L.Verified Buyer

Love them. Wish I had ordered them years ago. Shipping was very fast. Ordered them at the beginning of the week, had them by the end of the week. Would highly recommend them.

5 star review The screen really darkened my

Eldon W.Verified Buyer

The screen really darkened my door.

5 star review Solar Screens

Diane C.Verified Buyer

Just what we needed.

5 star review First solar screen DIY

Rodney H.Verified Buyer

The most difficult task is putting the frame together. Once the frame is set, apply the screen and spline is easy. Will order more solar screen kits soon.

5 star review Excellent experience. More to come.

David H.Verified Buyer

My order was delivered in two days. Everything assembled easily and fit perfectly in the windows. The screen fabric is much thicker than normal insect screens, so it does require more force to get the spline installed. The brick clips are a great way to install the screens. I only ordered enough for the east side of the house to take care of the morning sun and to try them out. I will be ordering more soon to do the rest of the house. An excellent experience.

5 star review Simple to put together, really

Mark O.Verified Buyer

Simple to put together, really like the 90 percent, can still see out, just installed 4-29-17, great product

5 star review Solar screens

Bao L.Verified Buyer

Excellent service, orders received in two days.

5 star review Love the product

Jodie C.Verified Buyer

I was very satisfied when I received my pre cut screens. I put them together which was very easy and mounted them on my windows and love the outcome.

5 star review Perfect!

Georgina P.Verified Buyer

Once I put one together the rest were a breeze!! High quality, delivered on time, and the customer service they provided was awesome (had to call prior to purchasing to determine which attachment type would work best for my windows). Highly recommend!

5 star review Well Done!

Thomas F.Verified Buyer

Great website. Very informative and easy to use. Requested sample a had them in no time. Followed the measuring directions and had my screens for our sliding door two days later. Fit was perfect and installation was a breeze. The Velcro fasteners worked well. The screens work very effectively and look terrific both inside and out. The whole purchasing experience was excellent and I would highly recommend to anyone trying to solve a sun problem.

5 star review Best home improvement purchase ever!

Renee NVerified Buyer

I just wanted you to know how fantastic my new Solar Screens are, but first let me say this, I received them so fast. This has to be one of the best purchases I have made to block out the heat of the desert sun. They work great! They let in light and block out so much of the heat. I put them up on the inside with the suction cups, so easy. Each one is exactly perfect and the edges are somehow finished. Wow don't know how you do it but thanks so much for such a great product and matching service!

5 star review Great Products

Roland L.Verified Buyer

Received the solar screen in a timely manner. A lot cheaper than having someone locally install them. Didn't come with instructions but figured how to install them. The only problem that I had was that when I stretched the screen over the frame, it cause the frame to bow a little. Maybe if it came with instruction, this wouldn't have happen. I'm still satisfied with the product

5 star review looks great

Brian H.Verified Buyer

very high quality material and good prices.

5 star review Brick Clips from Solar Screen Outlet

William R.Verified Buyer

Great price, fast shipping, very good quality. Thanks.

5 star review Great Looking Screen

Gary SVerified Buyer

Fairly easy putting it together. I'm happy with the way it looks up on my door, and it does block the suns heat. I can't say enough about the great service I've received when I needed help. And the super fast shipping. Would buy again.

4 star review Good

Mike B.Verified Buyer

Good quality frame and screen. It looks nice and blocks the sun's heat on my south facing windows. However the ends where they were cut were bent making it hard to insert the angles and the crossbar clips. Also the service is good since I asked for screws to convert from Velcro and they were sent right away.


Pete C.Verified Buyer


5 star review Simple installation! We had fun

Amelia B.Verified Buyer

Simple installation! We had fun putting the screens together but couldn't figure out how to get the crossbars on. So, that part was just a waste of money. Read the instructions before buying! Nonetheless, we are enjoying the cooler house in this desert heat.

5 star review Perfect!

Bob HVerified Reviewer

solar screen review customer photoOrdered my solar screen kits for two windows and received them by Priority mail shipment just days later. We selected the 80% material, stucco color and tan frame, a nice color combination. I laid out the frames on the garage floor (did not have large enough table) and tapped them down after squaring them up. Then just followed the video on website and presto, two large screens assembled in under 2 hours. The screens were perfectly cut to my specifications and the savings over ordering from other companies was significant. Screens look great !!

5 star review Solar Screens with frames

Melissa WVerified Buyer

I live in a concrete block house with single pane aluminum windows in Florida. he front and 2 sides of my house are in sunlight for many hours. I wanted something to reduce the heat and still allow air flow. I also wanted something that was reasonably priced and looked good. The solar screens were the answer. I ordered 3 the first time to try them on the sides of the house. As soon as I put them up, both neighbors were raving about how good they looked. I ordered the screens needed for the front to finish off the house. It looks great, provides privacy and hides the ugly aluminum frames. I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend Solar Screen Outlet to everyone. Product arrived quickly, was perfect size, and was easy to assemble and mount. Web site videos are great for measuring and product selection.

New Port Richey, FL

5 star review DIY solar screens

Anthony WVerified Buyer

Screens were easy to assemble and really do the job of keeping out the heat.

5 star review great product, great service

Pamela L.Verified Buyer

Received screen kits quickly. Easy to assemble. One screen had a flaw and they quickly sent a replacement. Thank you for standing by your product.

5 star review SolarScreenOutlet: High quality screens + Excellent Customer support = Reasonable Price

Felix HVerified Buyer

Searching for DIY solar screen for my 4 huge windows and, luckily, find SolarScreenOutlet. After several emails with the customer service, I decided to place my order of 2x59x59 and 2x71x65 windows. It arrived within 3 days. The first window was a challenge for me but I managed to complete it in 2 hours. The minute I had installed my first window, the temperature of the room that receives afternoon sun lights in Phoenix quickly drops to a pleasant level. No longer I will have to turn on A/C in the afternoon after work. If you really need high quality plus excellent customer service at an affordable price and are willing to spend a day to assemble your solar screen windows, Solar Screen Outlet should be on your list.

5 star review Solar Screen Kits

Michael MVerified Buyer

I ordered 8 window kits online using the measuring instructions from the website. The windows were shipped and arrived the next day. The assembly process was simple as all parts were cut to the correct sizes. The screens fit nicely and are doing their job keeping the Texas sun out of the west side of my home. I used brick clips for some windows and casement hardware for others and they made installation go quickly. I would highly recommend the screen kits, the website was truthful and helpful.

5 star review Pleased

Christopher DVerified Buyer

This was my second purchase and things went much smoother than the first. Always measure correctly.

4 star review Extremely Effective

Michael SVerified Buyer

This screen is easy to put together. I couldn't find a way to install the crossbars I ordered, so I skipped that part and it looks fine without. My only issue with the screen is that I cannot see out of it almost at all. I will be ordering more, but will drop to the 80% instead. This stuff is worth it's money, especially if you have large west facing Windows!

5 star review PERFECT!!

Loretta BVerified Buyer


5 star review good materials good kits effective

Alden HVerified Buyer

i bought the 80% kits for sun room just air conditioned. the morning direct sun was still making the room too warm and the 8 large panel solar screens block/reflect sufficient heat the a/c now controls the room. Due to the limited hours of exposure and maximum effect of screens are against the direct sun and not ambient outside temps, we calculated the 80% would do the job with less visual interference and we were right. A second purchase was for a family members home which has solar glass reflecting the south and western sun onto two areas of vinyl siding with the heat severely deforming the siding. 6 screen kits covering the suspect windows should protect the repaired siding from future solar heating. the ordering was simple, kits complete and accurately measured for custom fit. Videos were vital and helpful but did assume a greater knowledge or experience than I possessed and such things as screen alignment and tension were troubling to me but they worked. And Buddy was with me every step via email, answered each inquiry, helped analyse my project and provided overall great support. I recommend these products and this company.

5 star review Good Decision. VERY Good Decision

TGVerified Reviewer

I ordered these on Friday evening, and was contacted Saturday that my order was finished and was being shipped! Less than 24 hours! I ordered the Stucco color. I'm so glad I did. It's actually light beige and exactly what I wanted. These were so easy to put up. There are two things to know: Don't be afraid to order more fasteners than you think you'll need. They're inexpensive and you'll have them if you need them. Also, if you have two same size windows, measure both anyway, because chances are, they'll be different. All in all, this was a great bargain. They're blocking the afternoon sun so the room is cooler. Perfect!

5 star review Great screen clips

Ismael R.Verified Reviewer

I recently ordered brick clips from two different companies and found that these Brick Clips were made with heavier gauge metal than competitors. I am very satisfied on well they keep in my solar screens. Great product!

5 star review Excellent results

RONALD H.Verified Reviewer

Very difficult to roll in due to the 90% screen thickness and toughness even by someone like me who has done screen before and has a really good roller. Had to do de-burring on all frame ends - not my job, should have been done by SSO - and one screen panel had a blemish unnoticed until installation; should have bee inspected at SSO. Also, expected mitered corners, not square, but still looks very good.

4 star review Very Effective!

Michael SVerified Buyer

These screens really do the trick for the rooms I want cooler and darker. The 90% is very hard to see out of, so if I could go back, I'd select the 80%.

5 star review Great quality.

Ann L. Verified Buyer

Great quality.

5 star review It was the second shipment

lloyd p. Verified Buyer

It was the second shipment that I got that was opened upon delivery. So I have to guess that you just don't package your shipments well enough. Luckily this time nothing was missing. I do like your product though